Micro quadcopter print and build


This micro quad was done since my Blade mQX from http://www.bladehelis.com/ was starting to near the end of its life. I decided to buy a set of motors and propellers from my friends at www.prorc.se and try to build a more indoor friendly little quad.

I started by designing a frame in OpenSCAD, which I haven't used before but it seemed (and was) very fit for the task. Then I printed it on my Ultimaker and mounted the controller that I stripped from the mQX together with the new Hubsan X4 motors and props. Initially I used the battery from the mQX as well but it was a bit too heavy, and I then decided to go with a 240mAh and finally a 320mAh Hyperion cell originally bought for a Blade mCP X. The controller is however not really tuned for this small frame so there are some oscillations when it gets too light (the reason for not using the 240mAh battery that fitted in the final version of the frame). There are still some oscillations with the 320mAh battery but they disappear quite soon after initial takeoff (only present when using a fully charged battery).

If you are interested in the SCAD or STL files, feel free to contact me and I will put them here or on Thingiverse.

Part listing

  • Hubsan X4 Motors
  • Hubsan X4 Propellers
  • Blade mQX controller card
  • Black PLA

Initial prototype design print

Second iteration and first flight

Slim frame with internal battery bay